Studyladder privacy policy

At Studyladder we recognize the need to protect information collected from the Studyladder websites. We are committed to keeping safe and secure any personal and identifiable information obtained about users and to provide a safe learning environment for children.

Highlights of our policy

We do not collect any personal information directly from children and we do not communicate directly with children.

We only collect minimal personal information from Parents/Teachers.

We do not sell or pass on information to any third party.

We collect information for the purposes of providing access to the website.

We give registered users complete control and management of their personal information, including the right to erasure.

This policy explains how we collect and use information that is provided to us via our websites. Including;

Please read this policy carefully. Contact us if you have any questions at:

What personal information does Studyladder collect?

We collect personal information about two groups.

Teachers/Parents (teachers, school administrators, tutors, parents and legal guardians) and Children. We collect personal information from these two groups differently.

Personal information from Teachers/Parents is collected when an account is created on our website. This information may include: email addresses, names, country and state, phone numbers, first name, surname, school name and address.

Studyladder does not collect personal information directly from children. Children are not able to register directly themselves. We do not collect children’s email addresses and do not communicate directly with them.

The personal information we collect about children may include: first name, surname, grade and school name (school-based users only).

Information about children comes from Teachers or Parents. Once registered Teachers or Parents may provide information about the child via their account.

How does Studyladder collect and process information?

Children are not able to create an account themselves and no personal information about themselves is collected from them.

How does Studyladder use your information?

The information collected may be used for the following purposes:

Results data and how it is used

Results data is used to inform Teachers/Parents about a student’s performance and to tailor educational programs for students. Results data is also used to better inform us about ways to improve our resources.

Studyladder does not share with any third party information about a student’s or school’s results or progress.

What Studyladder does not do with your information

We believe that it is essential that all information is kept confidential. We will not disclose information to third parties at any time unless required by law or with parental consent.

We will not:

For how long is your information held?

Information is kept to provide access to the site and to support educational purposes. Information is kept until the registered users account is deleted or deletion is requested by the Registered User.

For any Registered User that deletes their account, any children accounts that they listed will also be deleted after a 90 day grace period. Children can keep their account by linking to another Registered User (parent) during the grade period.

How do registered users manage or delete their information?

Security of personal information

Studyladder is committed to implementing technical and organizational strategies to take every reasonable step to protect and keep safe from unauthorized access personal information held by us.

Studyladder staff and contractors with access to personal information (Authorized Studyladder Staff) are required to comply with this privacy policy and their obligation of confidentiality.

No third party has access or is given access to any User’s personal information.

Data storage and security

The Studyladder website and its data is hosted and stored on servers leased from Amazon Web Services in their US/California data centre.

Amazon Web Services are one of the largest hosting companies in the world and are certified compliant with a wide range of security and data protection standards. More details here:

Studyladder backups and all student result data is encrypted before storage using certified industry standards.

Access to the Studyladder systems for software maintenance is only available via secure and encrypted channels. Access is only available to Authorized Studyladder Staff.

Use of cookies on our websites.

Studyladder uses cookies only for the purposes of managing users’ membership and enabling services provided by Studyladder website.

How will Studyladder notify changes to this policy?

Studyladder’s Privacy Policy may be amended at any time, including changes, additions and deletions to comply with applicable laws, to reflect changes in our processes or for any other reason. Any Significant changes will be communicated to registered users. Users are also encouraged to check this Privacy Policy periodically to keep abreast of any changes.

How to contact Studyladder?

All requests for further information, concerns or questions regarding this privacy policy should be directed to Studyladder’s Data Security Officer at