Studyladder Privacy Policy

At Studyladder we recognize the need to respect and protect any information gathered from the Studyladder website. We are committed to keeping safe and secure any personal information obtained from users. The information is transmitted and stored securely.

Why we collect information:

  • To send confirmation of successful registration to members
  • To provide access to restricted areas of the Studyladder website
  • To give access to users to manage their own information
  • To provide users with information necessary to navigate and access the Studyladder website
  • To contact users regarding information about their accounts

At Studyladder we will not give, rent or lease any personal or identifying information that you have provided to us to any individual, organization or company.


Users have a choice of whether or not to provide personal information to Studyladder. However, keep in mind that in order to give users access to restricted areas of the website some personal information (e.g., name, position, school name) is required.


At Studyladder we are well aware of the importance of providing a safe and secure Internet environment for children and we are committed to taking all precautions to protect our Studyladder users. For more information about protecting children online go to

Studyladder does not collect personal information directly from children. Upon registration, Teachers/Tutors/School Administrators and/or Parents/Guardians submit information about their children which enables Studyladder to personalize usernames and provide passwords for each student using the site. Parents/Guardians have complete control over their child's membership at all times.

Studyladder does not share with any third parties information about a student's or a school's results or progress.


A cookie is a small text file placed on a web browser. Studyladder uses cookies only for the purposes of managing users' membership and enabling services provided by Studyladder website.

Securing usernames and passwords

Ultimately, users are responsible for the security of the usernames and passwords issued to them. It is recommended that usernames and passwords be kept safe and secure in a private place.

Studyladder is not responsible for any sites linking in or out of Studyladder website or any site referred to users by Studyladder. Studyladder recommends that users read the privacy policy of other websites before associating with them.

Changes to the privacy policy

Studyladder may change this policy from time to time. Therefore, users are encouraged to check the policy periodically in order to keep abreast of any changes. Changes will be listed here.


The only exemption to Studyladder's privacy policy is if we are required by law or a court order to provide information. If you require more information about this policy please contact Studyladder.

Date Terms Issued, 2nd May 2010