Interpret a dot plot

  • Grade: Grade 6
    Activity type: Interactive Activity

Interpret a dot plot

Grade 6
Data, Graphs and Statistics
Interpret dot plots
Activity Type
Interactive Activity
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  • 5 – Grade 5
    • 5.MD – Measurement & Data
      • Mathematics

        • 5.MD.2 – Make a line plot to display a data set of measurements in fractions of a unit (1/2, 1/4, 1/8). Use operations on fractions for this grade to solve problems involving information presented in line plots. For example, given different measurements of liquid in identical beakers, find the amount of liquid each beaker would contain if the total amount in all the beakers were redistributed equally.

  • Year 6
    • Statistics and Probability
      • Data representation and interpretation

        • ACMSP147 – Interpret and compare a range of data displays, including side-by-side column graphs for two categorical variables

        • ACMSP148 – Interpret secondary data presented in digital media and elsewhere

  • 7 – Year 7
    • 7.S – Statistics
      • 7.S.1 – Investigate summary, comparison, and relationship questions by using the statistical enquiry cycle:

        • 7.S.1.a – Gather or access multivariate category and measurement data

        • 7.S.1.b – Sort data and display it in multiple ways, identifying patterns and variations

        • 7.S.1.c – Interpret results in context, accepting that samples vary and have no effect on one another

This activity is not included in United Kingdom – National Curriculum.

You can go to an overview of all the curricula here.